Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Getting Back on Track...

So after possibly the longest time off in the past 10 years, I have started working out again! I can't believe I really haven't worked out in over 45 days, that is insane to me. But I can't lie, I kind of like it! But last week, I gave in and faced my fears and hit the gym. Now mind you, I have only gone twice but I have managed 40 minutes on the eliptical both times. I still have a slight fear of running, but I think this week I will face the challenge and try it out. I mean I have to at some point. And if I fall, well then I fall! Nothing much I can do there.

I also obviously took some time off from my blog. I needed some time to think and just a break in general. I have been totally immersed in work and putting in 14-15 hour days at least 4 days a week, but hey, at least I am earning my vacation days back that I spent in the hospital last month. So maybe I can get a real vacation in this year!

But now I am back on track! So here goes nothing!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good News.....Finally!

So last Friday I headed to the neurologist with my best friend as my taxi driver. I kept trying to keep things in perspective and not let myself get all pumped up because I wanted to hear what I wanted to hear. So I went into the office with a level head. Well once I sat down the doctor she let me know that she was "shocked" with my last cat scan. She couldn't believe how fast my head was healing! Ok, now I started to get excited, I can admit it. She told me, the blood had all reabsorbed into my brain, the air was gone and one of the fractures looked like it had healed. Now I still have the really big one, but I am on my way to recovery.

After I heard that, I was psyched, so I went after it and asked her about training. Well, that is where the fun hit the breaks. I am allowed to walk, which I have been doing daily. And I can begin trying to test my balance on a treadmill and then once I feel secure I can add in 2-3 minute intervals of running. I am also cleared for the pool, but nothing too crazy there either. As for the bike. Well, let me show you. This is my bike:

So I think it is safe to say, I won't be on the bike for a while!

So once exercise was out of the way, I moved onto the next set of questions, I needed to know when I was going to get my sense of taste and smell back and when the double vision would end and my hearing would come back 100%. Well I would have to say this was the worst of the news, although not terribly bad. I was told that these were all residual effects of the accident and that I would have to wait a few months and see what happens. So, no need to worry as of yet, but if it doesn't go back to normal soon, I may have another whole team of doctors added to my current group.

But, I couldn't complain, I had been given the go ahead to move about as I wish, although still not by car and also still somewhat supervised. But hey, at least I can now shower without help and whenever I want!

So once we got the good news Nick and I decided to head to the beach. I was also given the go ahead on having a glass of wine when I wanted it. Well one would think after not having anything for a month, you would jump on the chance, but for some reason it just didn't seem too enticing, so I passed for the weekend. And on Sunday I finally had a glass and as everyone was waiting with bated breath for my reaction, I disappointed! I can't taste anything! So there seems to be no point to drinking right now.

But we did have a great weekend. I will add some pics below. I thought about a lot and now I have a ton of decisions to make in the next few months. I don't want to say what they are about right now, but I will keep you posted on what the outcomes are. Other than that, life is good and I am just enjoying my days in my own way now!

Enjoy some beach time below!