Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red Bank Olympic Tri Race Report...And General Catching Up

Well it has been a while. I was getting a little tired of typing so I took a few days (ahem weeks) off. But I am back with my first Olympic Tri race report of the season. So here goes! The morning of the race, I was getting up at 4:45am and heading to Red Bank and Nick was getting up at 5am and heading to the airport for a week of business in London. Needless to say I was a little bummed that I would be going to my first tri of the season alone, but I had done this one before and let's be honest, triathlon is a pretty friendly sport so I knew I would make friends and find someone to talk to before the race.

I got down to Red Bank at around 5:45, ate my applesauce and headed to pick up my race pack and set up transition. I was all set up at around 6:15 and had an hour to spare before the race began. I gotta say I really didn't have the pre-race jitters as much as I thought I would. Rumor was the water was around 66 degrees and the only course change was in our favor. The swim course had been reversed so we were swimming more so with the current.

So I hopped in line for the port-o-juan a few times and emptied my stomach before race time and then we all headed down to the water. We had to wait for the sprint waves to go and then the Olympic waves began. My wave was all females competing in the Olympic distance. We were actually quite a small group. When told, we all jumped in the water and paddled out to the start. After peeing and testing the water, I realized the rumors were true the water wasn't that cold. The year before I remember the shock of the water my face as I swam, making it hard to breathe. This year it didn't seem that bad at all.

They counted down our start and off  we went. To be honest I had no idea how I was doing on the swim. I was off somewhere in my head thinking about things like, Nick and what he was doing on the plane and what I was going to do after the race. I had a few instances where I had to choose between swimming over or around people, one time resulting in a nice elbow to the nose,  but other than that I had no idea how I was doing. I was just swimming. The only bad part of the swim was the final stretch back to the docs. You were swimming parallel to some boat slips at another doc and you were being hit from waves coming from both directions. So I could imagine if you had a weak stomach getting sea sick was probable. I finally saw the ladders at the docs picked up the pace and got out of the water.

Since the swim pattern had changed the new run from the dock to T1 was a bit longer, but this has never been something I have struggled with. I took off in a sprint and was to my bike in no time. I was out of the water at 25:51, which was 3 minutes fast than last year and off to the bike.

As I mentioned the run to T1 was a bit longer. I made through T1 in 3:08, 1:15 of which I will allot to the run to the transition area. But here is where my major mistake happened. I had placed my three gus in my riding cleat to assure that I would put them in my pockets before putting my cleat on. Well instead I dumped the cleat on the ground, put it on and took off out of T1. Once out I realized that I had not gu, so i was going to survive on Gatorade during the ride.

The ride was the same as last year, very challenging. It was a series of rolling hills with 3 large ascents spaced out throughout the course. There was really no part of this ride that was flat. I remember it being quite hard last year so I was ready for it to be the same if not worse this year considering I was going in with a little less tri training. I ended up with a bike time of  1:29, 3 minutes slower than last year. I am not sure if this was a result of zero nutrition on the bike, but all I can say is when I was done, I was happy to get off the bike.

Back to transition, I was in and out of T2 in 1:43 and this time I remembered my gus. I grabbed a few extra just in case and ate one on my way out. Much like the bike, the run was again exactly the same. It was a gradual incline on the way out and then you got to run the decline on the way back. I remember how much I hated the portion where we had to run through a field around mile 2.75, but when I got there, I sucked it up and picked up the pace. At the turn around I started to feel a slight aching in my knee, so I did what I knew best and that was run faster. I know I should have stopped and walked but something in my head just told me to push it.

The three miles back I picked up the pace and starting picking off runners left and right. The only thing is that the people I was picking off were in the age group above me, not mine! On the final turn I gave it my last bit of energy and crossed the finish with a run time of 52:29. I came in 9th in my age group but as I predicted from last year, the field was larger and my AG had doubled in size.

My final time was 2:52:19 and for the first attempt of the season I was satisfied. I had pushed and done my best and felt great.

Then it was off to the beach for some pizza and a nap. Since the race, I have spent the last week riding, biking and swimming and taking a little time to have some fun. I am planning on having a ton of fun and get a little bit of training in this weekend, when me and a few girlfriend's, take on Cape Cod for a few days. So if you live there beware!!

Now that I have you all caught up on my life I have to go refuel for a quick swim and spin class.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pre-race Jitters? Well....maybe...

I don't know if I what I have right now could be considered jitters, but I got something going on. I can honestly say I am not sure how I am going to do this weekend. And there you have it, I have no idea! I came in fourth in my age group last year, but it was the inaugural year so I am thinking that there will be a lot more people competing this year. So who really knows?

This is my first tri since July of last year. Last year due to the wedding I got everything in early in the season, so it has been a while. I think I should do ok, but I am not going to bet the farm on this one. I have been doing well on all of my training and my knee seems to be happy. So as long as I can overcome open water panic and the off road running I think I should be ok.

In terms of gear, I am all set and ready for this one. Just got new tires on my bike, a tune up and some new aero bars. My racing kit arrived last week and thankfully it fits. So now all I need is for it to be 5am on Sunday morning so I can head to the race and get it over with. It will be the first race in a year that I am going to solo. Nick will be on his way to a business trip so it will just be me, myself and I. That in itself will be it's own obstacle, but I think I should be A-OK!

Anyone else racing this weekend?

Anyone racing the Red Bank Tri?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Can I Please Take a Nap Now?

Well I made it through the weekend. I managed to have a little fun on Friday night, although exhausted, and then get up nice and early for a Local Barre session. It was another hard work out, but not as devastating as the first. I think I can attribute that to the last two weeks of boot camp and lifting. When I got back I got on the bike for a 2:30 Z1 ride on my best friend, my trainer. I watched a movie and before I knew it, it was over. And so was the dream of getting in my 30 minute run. My legs were shot, and I was tired. I tried to hold out to see if I could muster up the determination to get out there, but it just didn’t come. So I threw in the towel and called it a day. Some days you just have to be ok with giving up. Giving that my knee is not back to 100% and the amount of workouts I completed last week, I was ok with giving up and had no remorse.

We had a few people over for a Cinco de Mayo/Derby party and tried our hand at Mint Juleps. And all I can say, is we tried! I am not sure they came out correctly but they tasted ok. Kinda like a bourbon flavored life saver. Do what you will with that. Some people liked them, while others couldn’t drink more than a sip (ungrateful guests!!). We had a fun time followed by a dance party and then called it a night/morning.

Sunday called for a 2:00 Z1 ride with 2 intervals at 70 rpm and a 1:05 Z1 run. I got on the bike and within minutes knew it was a bad idea. I would have to push those workouts out a bit. Once I did complete them I felt great. My Z1 pace is now holding solid at 9:13 min/miles. The only thing is that due to my knee I am only running inside, so I am not sure how much I would slow down when you add in weather conditions outside.

I have my first tri coming up on the 20th, it is the Red Bank Olympic Triathlon. I did this one last year and it was fun, outside of the surprise trail running 3 miles in. Given that I just got into tri training and my whole knee problem I am not looking for any miracles with this one. So I am not going to beat myself up to get there! I will just use this as a warm up for this season. Other than all my training life is just peachy. I am still working on the 4 pound goal, tomorrow is my first weigh in. Let’s see how that goes!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Made it!

First of all, I must reach and pat myself on the back. I made it to Friday! (insert curtsy) What a week! Between being in the office, doing all of my workouts and adding in boot camp, I am beat! I think I have fallen soundly asleep every night by 10pm only to wake up and do it all again. This morning was our last day of boot camp. We went to the Thursday night class, which consisted of entirely too many push ups and some baby hurdles, only to get home, eat dinner, sleep and try again. We hit the 9am class and again, it was killer. We did a lot more abs and arms today, which I must say my legs enjoyed. But now our free trial is over. I have to say if I could afford it I would for sure sign up for some classes there, but with everything else sports, I am funding, it ain't gonna happen this year! On to the next free endeavor!

As for tri training, let me just tell you the swim set I posted earlier this week, was brutal. I didn't think it would be, but by round 7 of 50 meter sprints, everything was starting to hurt. By the time I hit 10 and started my 500 easy pull, my back was burning so bad, that floating was a challenge. Talk about a deceiving work out! Yesterday, I completed a quick ride and short run prior to boot camp. Today I am going to try the run after. It seems nice enough out, so I may venture outside for this one.

This weekend, I have 2 decently long rides, 1 long run and 1 short run. I am also starting off Saturday nice and early with a Local Barre class. But seriously, I think by Sunday I may need to go and get a massage or something. I have put my muscles through hell this week. And I know, I did it to myself for sure, and I did enjoy it, but I need a break!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Now I am off to learn how to make a mint julep, so I can be prepared if we have an impromptu Derby party tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is it Really Only Wednesday?

I don’t believe it, I really don’t. I am only half way through the week and I feel like I have been hit by a Mack Truck. I have been in the office working my butt off, but not before hitting the gym or the trainer each morning. Then I get home and head out for my 2nd workout and as I mentioned this week we have added in boot camp. But I have my eye on the prize. My goal is to lose at least 4 pounds in two weeks and I have never been so committed to it! Can she do it? We shall see!

This morning, I literally had to peel myself out of bed and get to the gym for a quick 45 min Z1 run before work. I ran, ran home, drank my blueberry smoothie, showered and headed into work. Tonight I have a quick swim set of:

1000 continuous

Main Set:
10 x 50 at best effort

500 EZ pull

Then I will get a little rest then it is off to boot camp at 8pm, for 35 minutes of much enjoyed hell.

This week I started my Max lifting phase and I must say, outside of being sore from adding in boot camp, I am starting off with weights much higher than last year. After my first attempt on Monday I realized I can probably bring up my first set for each muscle group by at least 10 lbs. While I was feeling it, I wasn’t really exhausted when I was done. So tomorrow I will try to push my limits a bit.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Giant Work Outs

Well this weekend was pretty successful in terms of workouts. I got in a long ride and run and a long run and recovery ride. My knee started to feel a little sore during my 1:03 Z1 run, but I ran through it and I survived. The run was actually the fun part of my workout. The gym I work out and work at has been hosting some of the NY Giants for workouts. On Saturday two Defensive Tackles were at the gym getting in some cardio when I got there and let me tell you, they were HUGE!! And seriously, nothing is going to make you feel more like a slacker than working out next to them. I mean I got there and was not in the mood to run at all, but watching them work made my run some simple. What interesting motivation!

On Monday I taught and got in a swim and then me and my two friends starting our second try at testing free things in our city. We had signed up for a 1 week trial at a local boot camp. We were running a little late so we got in a quick warm up jog on our way there. When we got there, class was just about to get started. And then it was like starting gun went off. The next thing I knew we were outside on a loading dock with kettle bells, lifting, running, skipping, squatting, figure eighting (possibly not a word) and sprinting. Now this class is only 35 minutes and at that point I figured we had to be close to done. But nooooooo, then we went inside for more squats, burpees, burpees with push ups, jump tucks, push ups and sit ups. Then just when you thought you were done, they opening the back door and sent us all out for a run around the block. Then finally it was over! That 35 minutes felt like about an hour of work. But I must say it was good.

I am teaching tonight so I can't go, but I will be going back Weds-Fri to finish up my free trial and then it is back to Local Barre on Saturday morning. This time I paid (sucker!!)

With all this work, I better start seeing some results, my new bikini just arrived!