Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Giant Work Outs

Well this weekend was pretty successful in terms of workouts. I got in a long ride and run and a long run and recovery ride. My knee started to feel a little sore during my 1:03 Z1 run, but I ran through it and I survived. The run was actually the fun part of my workout. The gym I work out and work at has been hosting some of the NY Giants for workouts. On Saturday two Defensive Tackles were at the gym getting in some cardio when I got there and let me tell you, they were HUGE!! And seriously, nothing is going to make you feel more like a slacker than working out next to them. I mean I got there and was not in the mood to run at all, but watching them work made my run some simple. What interesting motivation!

On Monday I taught and got in a swim and then me and my two friends starting our second try at testing free things in our city. We had signed up for a 1 week trial at a local boot camp. We were running a little late so we got in a quick warm up jog on our way there. When we got there, class was just about to get started. And then it was like starting gun went off. The next thing I knew we were outside on a loading dock with kettle bells, lifting, running, skipping, squatting, figure eighting (possibly not a word) and sprinting. Now this class is only 35 minutes and at that point I figured we had to be close to done. But nooooooo, then we went inside for more squats, burpees, burpees with push ups, jump tucks, push ups and sit ups. Then just when you thought you were done, they opening the back door and sent us all out for a run around the block. Then finally it was over! That 35 minutes felt like about an hour of work. But I must say it was good.

I am teaching tonight so I can't go, but I will be going back Weds-Fri to finish up my free trial and then it is back to Local Barre on Saturday morning. This time I paid (sucker!!)

With all this work, I better start seeing some results, my new bikini just arrived!

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