Friday, May 4, 2012

I Made it!

First of all, I must reach and pat myself on the back. I made it to Friday! (insert curtsy) What a week! Between being in the office, doing all of my workouts and adding in boot camp, I am beat! I think I have fallen soundly asleep every night by 10pm only to wake up and do it all again. This morning was our last day of boot camp. We went to the Thursday night class, which consisted of entirely too many push ups and some baby hurdles, only to get home, eat dinner, sleep and try again. We hit the 9am class and again, it was killer. We did a lot more abs and arms today, which I must say my legs enjoyed. But now our free trial is over. I have to say if I could afford it I would for sure sign up for some classes there, but with everything else sports, I am funding, it ain't gonna happen this year! On to the next free endeavor!

As for tri training, let me just tell you the swim set I posted earlier this week, was brutal. I didn't think it would be, but by round 7 of 50 meter sprints, everything was starting to hurt. By the time I hit 10 and started my 500 easy pull, my back was burning so bad, that floating was a challenge. Talk about a deceiving work out! Yesterday, I completed a quick ride and short run prior to boot camp. Today I am going to try the run after. It seems nice enough out, so I may venture outside for this one.

This weekend, I have 2 decently long rides, 1 long run and 1 short run. I am also starting off Saturday nice and early with a Local Barre class. But seriously, I think by Sunday I may need to go and get a massage or something. I have put my muscles through hell this week. And I know, I did it to myself for sure, and I did enjoy it, but I need a break!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Now I am off to learn how to make a mint julep, so I can be prepared if we have an impromptu Derby party tomorrow.

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