Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeling Jolly

While I say I am feeling jolly I am not necessarily referencing the holiday spirit as much as I am feeling quite round. So I think jolly fits in this situation. I have been busting my butt working out it and seems like nothing is working. But oh well it is the holidays right? Sure, that will be my excuse for this month! On to the things that are fighting this jolly feeling for me. Workouts!

This past weekend was a mile repeat weekend. I had been feeling like I was coming down with a cold, but I figured, what the hell, I will try it out. On Sunday I got up early and hit the gym (it was too cold to go outside), once on the treadmill I knew I wasn't feeling too hot but I figured I could get through 4 miles. After a 10 minute warm up, I set the pace to 7:19 and started my first mile. While not fun, I felt ok when I was done, ok enough to try again at least. I set it again at 7:19 and off I went. Now this one didn't feel too good. By the time I hit .85 miles I felt like I was going to just shoot off the back of the treadmill. I finished the mile and felt trashed. I took a few minutes to rest and started the 3rd mile. And then it all went to shit, I just couldn't do it. So I let the cold win this one and I gave up.

While I was a bit disappointed, I knew that if I pushed myself too hard I would feel even worse on Monday, so I gave up and went home to sit on the couch for the rest of the day.

Monday came and I had to teach and swim. I got it all done early in the morning so I could sit and relax the rest of the day. Then Monday night I went back to my hometown for dinner with 2 of my best friends. One person was missing from the usually outrageous foursome, but I will see her on Christmas Eve (you know who you are). We ate, had some wine and acted evil and it was just too much fun.

Tuesday, I had a recovery run and bike. As always the run was just annoying but at least it was short and I got through it. Today I plan on running some errands and then heading to the pool for a 45 min swim. Maybe if I am lucky this will help my jolly feeling a bit. But if not, really, who cares! I figure I got about 5 months until I need to start putting on a bathing suit, so I have time! Right? Riiiight.

Well that is it for now! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What day of Christmas is it Again?

Seriously, between work and working out, I have lost track of everything. Usually I can count on my advent calendar to keep me up to date, but I am way behind on that too. Who gets behind on eating chocolate!? This week has been one of those weeks where I think every day is Thursday. I think it is because I allowed myself to be my gym's bitch and I have been subbing spin classes left and right. I mean, I try not to, but then they wave some extra money in my face and I am sold! Whoring myself out to spin. Oh well, I guess it can't hurt right? But it does! My legs are super tired, and I want to sleep all....the....time.

But enough about my inability to say no. As for my regularly scheduled work outs. I had a pretty solid weekend. I got in a 2:45 Z1 ride and a 25 Z1 run on Saturday then a 1:30 ZR ride and 1:40 Z1 run on Sunday. And I must admit I felt fantastic during the run. I average 9:14 min miles and came 3 beats under my top HR. Which is a definite improvement from my usual average of 9:25 min miles. Then I taught a double on Monday, swam and lifted and taught again last night.

Today I have a 1:00 ZR ride and some lifting to get done. Since I am supposed to race this weekend, I have a light schedule this week. But the problem is, races around here during this time of year are scarce. I did find one 15k but it was closed. So it is either going to be a weekend of mile repeats or just the normal heavy bike on Saturday and heavy run on Sunday. I think I would rather the intervals and take a Saturday off to be honest.

I also need to start planning my race schedule for next year. For some reason my brain keeps thinking Ironman. But I just don't know if I have all that training in me. Or if Nick will want to be around me while I do it. I am going to sit on it a bit and think. Who knows, maybe next year is the year!

Annnnnd I am tired just thinking about it. Have a great Thursday everyone! :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Opposite Week

Last week I couldn't get a full night's sleep if I tried and was working out like an animal and feeling no pain. This week is the exact opposite. Per the usual I didn't sleep on Sunday night, but that is nothing new. I was wide awake for my alarm and went on to teach and swim and lift. Then by Monday night I was done. I fell asleep before Nick even got home from work with my half eaten sushi (a serious addiction I need to deal with, but that's another post for another time) in front of me. He managed to get me off the couch and into bed and before I knew it, it was Tuesday.

This week I have been spending some time in the office, not my favorite thing, because my new office is about a mile on foot away from the train as opposed to the 3 blocks it used to be, but I am doing it anyway. So Tuesday and Wednesday I got up and got in my workouts in the morning and then went into the office only to come home completely exhausted to wake up on my couch at midnight realizing I fell asleep again after dinner.

Today I decided to not head into the office and work my event from home. Right after lunch I jumped on my trainer for my 50 min Z1 ride and I was dragging. My heart rate was through the roof and I was just plain tired. I have another one to try in a few minutes and to be honest, I am dreading it!

So what is the deal? Last week I was all pumped and this week I am deflated! Where is the happy medium? Maybe this time of year there is none? Who knows! I am hoping maybe next week I will go back to normal and even out a bit. Here's to hoping!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis the Season...

Not much to report other than very sore legs after a long week of workouts. Today I have a 2 hour Z1 ride and a 25 min run. I also wanted to try to get to the gym for a quick swim and steam to try to loosen up my muscles a bit. Let's see if that actually happens.

Today we are heading out to cut down a Christmas tree for the first time. I personally feel like I might like going to the normal lot we go to and then heading to the diner for a tuna melt instead, but they would most likely not be as fun. Satisfying, but not fun. Since I have nothing else to report other than limbs that don't want to bend and it is the holiday season I leave you with a holiday greeting from Hailey:

Have a great weekend!