Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahhh Monday.....So We Meet Again

What a weekend is all I have to say! The weekend started off with a Friday night spin class for 1 person, since she has been coming to my classes for the past 5 years, I figured I would just bite the bullet and teach. Followed by a fantastic dinner of fresh whole wheat pasta with pan seared scallops in garlic and oil. And let me tell you, it was delicious! I still can't really taste or smell anything, but I can tell when there are certain strong tastes or scents to things. For instance I can tell when there is garlic in my food, but it doesn't taste the way garlic used to taste or the way it tastes for normal people. Strange right?

And moving on! On Saturday we got up nice and early and headed over to Breakneck Ridge for our 5.5 mile hike. I had my new hiking boots on and man, did they make a difference. It made the whole rock scramble super easy! We decided that now that we have mastered Breakneck, it is time to move onto another challenge. So we are heading to hike part of the Appalachian Trail in the next few weekends and see how that goes. It is nice to have something other than swimming, biking and running to do in the off season.

After our day of hiking we heading over to our friends house for the annual Coed-Fest Beer Pong Tournament. And the good news is, this time we didn't lose totally! We didn't make it to the second round, but we did win a few games. This then lead to more good news, we didn't have to stay until the end! So after our loss we hung out for a bit then headed home to get some rest.

Sunday I got up nice and early and decided that today would be my day off. Then I sat around for a few hours and got bored and decided to go try a BodyFlow class. This is a class which is a cross between yoga and pilates. I am not normally into the yoga workout but I figure it can't hurt to work on my flexibility a bit. So I went for an hour and worked on it. Then it was football time, and the Bills finally won a game! I forgot what that felt like for a while! While out watching the game we made a nice bit vat of mushroom chili which we will try tonight after spin class.

This week calls for detoxing and relaxing. It is going to be a busy work week, so I am going to try to at least limit my stress during off hours! Let's see how that turns out.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crappy Monday!!!

What a day! It has been sleeting here in New Jersey for the past 4 hours, and I am cold! But for some reason, I just want to go work out! I taught spin this morning, took a nap and got to work, and now I am just antsy! I ran 6 miles yesterday, just to see how it would feel and also maybe to see if I could do it and I loved it! There is a part of me that is thinking maybe I should just focus on running this year, but then I realize that is the scared part of me, the part I have to ignore. A part of me that I didn't think existed but I guess it is just my brain trying to play it safe.

So now I am looking forward to my second spin class tonight. I am thinking I might head over a little early to get in a quick run (obsessed much?). My friend that I am training and I are heading into our 4 week of our "Get in shape mission" and it is our 4th week of weight lifting. Let's see how I feel by the end of this week!

Then tonight we continue planning for Sedona. Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Not Think About What Could Have Been

This weekend could have been my weekend, the end of my relationship with the New York Marathon. Instead I have to endure another year of this love/hate relationship until I can have my revenge. Instead of running 26.2 I ran 5. And although that doesn't sound like much to anyone, that has been my longest run in 3 months! My, how times and goals can change!!

Tomorrow we are going to take on Breakneck Ridge again, now that we have a better idea of how it works, and we won't have our little lost dog friend with us, we might be able to navigate a little better. I also have acquired some new hiking boots for my weekend hiking trips and my upcoming week in New Mexico and Arizona, and I am excited to try them out. And I am hoping since I have added lifting back into my regiment that I may not be as sore this time around!

Then Sunday we will venture into the city so I can be a spectator. There is just something about the New York Marathon that is inspiring and energizing. So instead of participating in it this year, I am going to use it to help get me back into racing mode.

I will be back to coached training next month, and I am hoping to start racing, well at least the running portion of racing, in January. This weekend, watching some phenomenal athletes might be just what the doctor ordered. And on that note, I am off to nap, which is just what my body has ordered! Enjoy the weekend!