Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Baaaaack

Ok so I disappeared for a bit there. Now mind you the training didn't stop, just the writing did! Ok so brief recrap of the stuff you all missed:

- Two weekends ago-Bachelorette Party- Fantastic time, too much wine, fell asleep, woke back up, too much beer, beer pong, went back to sleep, rinse and repeat

-Last week- Full week of training, dance lessons, training, wedding talk, dance lessons

-Last weekend- training, final dress fitting, got bit by a dog, rabies shots

-This week so far- rehab for vertigo, no longer dizzy, training and more rabies shots

So there you go, in a nut shell that has been the past week and half in my life. This week is full of a ton of training and the last bit of my wedding planning. I am starting to wonder if I am going to be able to reach my goals for the NY Marathon with a honeymoon taking place in the middle of training, but here's to hoping!

And there you have it my two second update that gave you 1.5 weeks in under 1000 words! Now off to teach and run!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Sinking Than Swimming

So I don't think I have really been doing enough swimming. Ok so let me rephrase that, I haven't been doing all of the swims my coach has set up for me. Now I could come up with a million excuses of why I haven't done the swims, but the reality is, because I didn't feel like it. Oh, and two days the pool was closed. So I got that one excuse going for me. So this morning, I forced myself out of bed for the Mini Monster set. It looked a little something like this:

800 pull
7 x 100
3x 200 with paddles
5 x 100
400 pull
3 x 100
1x 200 with paddles

What a great day to chose to adhere to my training plan! After the first 800 then 7 x 100, I felt like my body was made of lead. My 100's felt incredibly slow, but I knew I just had to keep going in hopes that I would loosen up and feel a little better. Needless to say by the time I hit the last 200 even my wrists hurt. Ok, so I learned my lesson, there is a reason that these swims are in my training plan still!

Other than training all the time, in life outside of training, our wedding is sneaking up on us. We are getting ready to put together our seating chart and place cards and then we are pretty much done and ready to go! It is crazy how much time goes into planning a wedding. I think I am going to suffer some postpartum after it is over!

But I have some fun to look forward to this weekend. My dad and I are starting our dance lessons together (Hey! Having a slight idea on what your doing isn't such a bad thing!), then on Saturday I head out for my 2nd bachelorette party. We are heading out for a full day of Hudson Valley wine tours followed by dinner and drinks at my place. It should be a fantastic time. I just hope my arms are recovered by then from today's swim, so I can lift up a wine glass!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Decision Has Been Made

I will not be doing any more triathlons this year. While I am a little sad about that decision I am ready to start focusing on the marathon ahead of me. Now granted, the whole honeymoon thing may hamper my training a bit, but I am ready anyway! After making this decision and letting Coach P know, he has changed up my training a bit. I am now doing over 1 hour of running 5 days a week, only recovery swims and everything in Z1 on the bike. And man are my legs getting tired! You are probably thinking, how can she be complaining, this is only week one? Well I am complaining because I can, and I will! (she stomps her feet like a child).

This week I only subbed two extra classes and today made the colossal mistake of lifting with the class, knowing full and well, I would end up sore and disregarding that I need to stand, in heels, for a 3 hour dress fitting today. Well I never said I was smart when it comes to these types of things! Today I have a 1:15 hill bounding session, and a 1:28 Z1 ride, I will be conquering these both after my dress fitting and then falling asleep wherever I land!

I am looking forward to a nice long weekend of relaxing and bbqing the last weekend of the summer away. Although we are lacking our pool, since Irene took a dump in it, literally there is sewage in it, we will still fire up the grill and hang on the patio for some fun.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend! Eats lots of burgers and dogs for me!