Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Decision Has Been Made

I will not be doing any more triathlons this year. While I am a little sad about that decision I am ready to start focusing on the marathon ahead of me. Now granted, the whole honeymoon thing may hamper my training a bit, but I am ready anyway! After making this decision and letting Coach P know, he has changed up my training a bit. I am now doing over 1 hour of running 5 days a week, only recovery swims and everything in Z1 on the bike. And man are my legs getting tired! You are probably thinking, how can she be complaining, this is only week one? Well I am complaining because I can, and I will! (she stomps her feet like a child).

This week I only subbed two extra classes and today made the colossal mistake of lifting with the class, knowing full and well, I would end up sore and disregarding that I need to stand, in heels, for a 3 hour dress fitting today. Well I never said I was smart when it comes to these types of things! Today I have a 1:15 hill bounding session, and a 1:28 Z1 ride, I will be conquering these both after my dress fitting and then falling asleep wherever I land!

I am looking forward to a nice long weekend of relaxing and bbqing the last weekend of the summer away. Although we are lacking our pool, since Irene took a dump in it, literally there is sewage in it, we will still fire up the grill and hang on the patio for some fun.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend! Eats lots of burgers and dogs for me!

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