Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yesterday Was My Saturday....

So I am not sure what today is? Yesterday I got up nice and early to get in my Saturday brick, since I had some plans for today. I got in a 3 hour Z1/Z2 ride, followed by a T run of 35 min in Z1. Once I was done I settled in for a nice long day of work. Around lunch time I realized I still had some energy left, so I decided for lunch I would head to the pool and get in my swim set that I was going to move to Saturday. I know what you are thinking, "She is voluntarily going to the pool?", the thought crossed my mind as well.

The swim went well and before I knew it, the day was over and I was waiting for Nick to get home to start our usual Saturday night ritual of food and passing out on the couch. Well since I had time I figured, why not hit up a barre class before he gets home. So off I went and on the way home is when I realized that I might be a bit crazy. I mean 4 work outs in a day? But hey! I was bored! And as a result, now I am sore and bored.

So now I am up, thinking what do I do before I set off for a day of fun? I covered all of my workouts already, so now what? I think I might just hit another barre class then head out. I mean I want to get the most out of this unlimited month right? They will regret offering that special when I am done with it!

Then tomorrow it will be back to the normal Sunday training, unless I have too much fun today then maybe Monday will be my Sunday and Sunday will be my Monday, training wise. You never know!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Push it Real Good...

Yeah you know the song....well that was the theme for today....although not along the same subject line as the song....ugh, you get what I mean! Perverts! Ok, well yesterday I decided to go into the city to work and to get a few city errands done which just so happened to include a nice dinner of Mexican and margaritas with my friend Pam. But don't worry I didn't overdo it, since I knew I had a tough day of workouts today. When morning came, although I told Nick to make me get out of bed when he left for work, I still managed to sleep in a bit before peeling myself out of bed to start my day.

Once fully caffeinated I hopped on my bike for an 1:30 of Zone 3 work. As always getting into zone 3 was a biatch and I had to push very hard to get there, but once I was there and got comfy I was feeling good. I kept up for 2 sets of intervals cooled down and got back to work. An hour later I was had some lunch, caught up on some emails and then headed out for my quarter mile repeats.

My warm up was 30 in ZR/Z1. Oddly I was averaging about 10 beats into Z2 the entire warm up. Either there is something up with my Garmin (another post for another time), or I was really dehydrated from the Mexican from the night before. I am going with the Garmin as the problem. I decided to ignore that and keep going until I hit the 30 minute mark. Once there I started my repeats. I had to do 10 and I was feeling a little tired, so I started the usual runner tricks of making deals with myself. "When you get to 5 you get a longer break" (i got 1.5 minutes in between each, but I usually cut it down to 1 minute, impatient much?),
"If you really feel bad, you can stop at 7" (never would I actually let myself, but I figured once I got to 7 another 3 would be cake). I decided to start out at a 7:30 pace and see where I could go from there. I maintained the pace and for sure started to feel it towards the end, but the one thing I have to say is next week, I think I need to start a little faster. While I was pushing at the end, the first 5 seemed a little too easy.

Once done I headed back to the house to work on some more emails and decide if I should take a barre class tonight. I decided that tonight I am giving myself a break. I plan on taking class tomorrow and I am going to early morning class on Saturday so 5 classes this week would be enough. Although, I have to be honest, that decision could change in the next 20 minutes if I get bored enough! We shall see.

So there you go! Today was a successful day of pushing it!

How were your workouts today? Any tough ones that required mental bargaining?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goal Update

Well, I know I have been missing a bit, but I can say that I am keeping up with my August goals and that has been keeping me quite busy. I have been trying to get to a barre class at least 4 times a week while also getting in my normal training. The one thing I can say that is suffering a bit is my swimming. I seem to have a swim aversion that I need to kick right now! I need to get in the pool to be ready for next month, but the mental block is there and staying put!

I had two very fun weekends to start off August, with a girl's trip down to my beach house, filled with seafood and beer for the first weekend. This past weekend Nick left town for a bachelor party and I had some friends come in from the Midwest to get into some trouble with, and we were successful. And now I have to admit that it is time to buckle down a bit. And buckle down I will!

I have a swim on descending 100's tomorrow and I need to force myself to go get it done and then I am heading into the office and meeting a friend out to dinner. Then back to the hard work on Thursday. But now it is off to run and teach and then off to bed nice and early!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of summer. (Eeeeek! I didn't like writing that!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

Well I am happy to say that after a full night's sleep, I woke up in a better mood this morning. I am feeling a bit more positive and I am ready to face August head on. I don't have any scheduled races for this month, but I may add in sprint at the end of the month. The plan for this month is to do some kick ass training to get ready for half iron and olympic in September. Last month I finally showed some progress in my Olympic timing and next month I want to see the same in my Half Iron training. So I need to put my head down and get to work.

I plan on sticking to Coach P's usually training regiment and I am going to add in a few other things to keep it fun. I want to incorporate some yoga, to try to get a little more flexibility in my life and to try to find that inner calm and  I am also adding in some Local Barre. I have an unlimited membership for the month of August to Local Barre and today I went over there first thing in the morning to get some strength work in. And I gotta say, I get why people pay so much to go there (and boy do they pay!). The classes are great and after an hour you really feel like you got in a workout. 

So there it is. August is the month of focus and finding that inner calm, that being Type A, I seem to lack! Today I had LB and then a quick swim and tomorrow, I am set up for an Tempo Run, Z3 ride and another LB class. But before tomorrow comes, tonight, Nick, a few friends and I are heading over to Pier A to a Mumford & Sons concert. And it just so happens their opening act is Dawes, a small band we were introduced to a months ago. Although it is raining and I think it may continue to do so, it should be a fun experience. And then it is back to the grind!

I am just working my way to the weekend. So let's hope it gets here fast!