Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get back at it!

After a long weekend away relaxing, I am back at it. Even with a sore leg from a little spill this weekend I got on the bike for a 1:30 Z1 ride last night. I just don’t get how I can not maintain a normal HR for the life of me. My goal is to regulate in the next couple of months. And to try to get close to the recommended race weight I have been given. Not sure if that is possible. I came within 7lbs of it last time, but it seemed impossible! But I have seen others do it, so I am thinking maybe the 2nd time around I will be better.

Tonight I have a 30 swim and nice hour long Z1 run at lunch. Hopefully I can run the whole thing and not have my heart explode! Now time to eat and get ready to go hit the treadmill.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Already a Slacker?

Due to some unforeseen family issues and a router that has decided to break down on me, I already slacked on my 2nd day of blogging! With all of this going on, training has been a bit lax as well. But today I am going to have to work out whether it means I am up until the middle of the night or not! Today I have two 56 min Z1 bike sessions on the trainer (hello 30 Rock dvds!) along with a 57 min Z1 run. Thankfully because I am going on my bi-yearly ski trip this weekend, I was given permission to skip my lifting because all of the falling and getting back up again should be work out enough. Who knows how the run will go though. Ever since my 1.5 month break in training which I strategically used to get fat for the winter, I am having some trouble running faster than an slow skipping pace in Z1. But we shall see what tonight brings!

Then tomorrow is it off the pool bright and early for some crazy drills. But for now it is back to work so I can go to Sam’s club and buy tons of bulk products for the upcoming weekend of craziness. I really do love the American tradition of bulk shopping, having over 500 solo cups and 50 rolls of toilet paper on hand at all times. It just warms my heart!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello Blog World!

So apparently according to the way this account has been set up, I have had this blog since 2008! Not sure how that happened, but just to clear things up, I did not know I had this blog and I am not that bad of a slacker! (Not sayin I don’t slack though) So if you do start to follow me a bit, you don’t have to be worried about a year lag between posts! Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get down to business. I am a 30 year old marathon runner/ triathlete living in a small yet well know city in New Jersey. Unfortunately, I am not sure what I want to reveal about myself quite yet, so now you just get the basics! I am also a career woman who also teaches fitness on the side. Let’s just say I like to keep busy. Also, no one other than you knows that I have decided to write a blog either, so let’s keep this on the DL.

Within the past year I recently joined a triathlon team, which too shall remain nameless for now, and I began to read triathlon blogs. And the one thing I can say they do, beyond entertain, is motivate! I have enjoyed following a handful of blogs all year that have pushed me to work out when I don’t want to and try harder because I know I can. So here’s to hoping that chronicling my journey will motivate others, while also motivating myself!

I am currently 1.5 months into my season and beginning to finalize my 2010 race schedule. So here is to the next year of my life and the hope that it will be a rewarding and fun journey for all of us!