Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

Well I am happy to say that after a full night's sleep, I woke up in a better mood this morning. I am feeling a bit more positive and I am ready to face August head on. I don't have any scheduled races for this month, but I may add in sprint at the end of the month. The plan for this month is to do some kick ass training to get ready for half iron and olympic in September. Last month I finally showed some progress in my Olympic timing and next month I want to see the same in my Half Iron training. So I need to put my head down and get to work.

I plan on sticking to Coach P's usually training regiment and I am going to add in a few other things to keep it fun. I want to incorporate some yoga, to try to get a little more flexibility in my life and to try to find that inner calm and  I am also adding in some Local Barre. I have an unlimited membership for the month of August to Local Barre and today I went over there first thing in the morning to get some strength work in. And I gotta say, I get why people pay so much to go there (and boy do they pay!). The classes are great and after an hour you really feel like you got in a workout. 

So there it is. August is the month of focus and finding that inner calm, that being Type A, I seem to lack! Today I had LB and then a quick swim and tomorrow, I am set up for an Tempo Run, Z3 ride and another LB class. But before tomorrow comes, tonight, Nick, a few friends and I are heading over to Pier A to a Mumford & Sons concert. And it just so happens their opening act is Dawes, a small band we were introduced to a months ago. Although it is raining and I think it may continue to do so, it should be a fun experience. And then it is back to the grind!

I am just working my way to the weekend. So let's hope it gets here fast!

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