Thursday, August 16, 2012

Push it Real Good...

Yeah you know the song....well that was the theme for today....although not along the same subject line as the song....ugh, you get what I mean! Perverts! Ok, well yesterday I decided to go into the city to work and to get a few city errands done which just so happened to include a nice dinner of Mexican and margaritas with my friend Pam. But don't worry I didn't overdo it, since I knew I had a tough day of workouts today. When morning came, although I told Nick to make me get out of bed when he left for work, I still managed to sleep in a bit before peeling myself out of bed to start my day.

Once fully caffeinated I hopped on my bike for an 1:30 of Zone 3 work. As always getting into zone 3 was a biatch and I had to push very hard to get there, but once I was there and got comfy I was feeling good. I kept up for 2 sets of intervals cooled down and got back to work. An hour later I was had some lunch, caught up on some emails and then headed out for my quarter mile repeats.

My warm up was 30 in ZR/Z1. Oddly I was averaging about 10 beats into Z2 the entire warm up. Either there is something up with my Garmin (another post for another time), or I was really dehydrated from the Mexican from the night before. I am going with the Garmin as the problem. I decided to ignore that and keep going until I hit the 30 minute mark. Once there I started my repeats. I had to do 10 and I was feeling a little tired, so I started the usual runner tricks of making deals with myself. "When you get to 5 you get a longer break" (i got 1.5 minutes in between each, but I usually cut it down to 1 minute, impatient much?),
"If you really feel bad, you can stop at 7" (never would I actually let myself, but I figured once I got to 7 another 3 would be cake). I decided to start out at a 7:30 pace and see where I could go from there. I maintained the pace and for sure started to feel it towards the end, but the one thing I have to say is next week, I think I need to start a little faster. While I was pushing at the end, the first 5 seemed a little too easy.

Once done I headed back to the house to work on some more emails and decide if I should take a barre class tonight. I decided that tonight I am giving myself a break. I plan on taking class tomorrow and I am going to early morning class on Saturday so 5 classes this week would be enough. Although, I have to be honest, that decision could change in the next 20 minutes if I get bored enough! We shall see.

So there you go! Today was a successful day of pushing it!

How were your workouts today? Any tough ones that required mental bargaining?

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