Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goal Update

Well, I know I have been missing a bit, but I can say that I am keeping up with my August goals and that has been keeping me quite busy. I have been trying to get to a barre class at least 4 times a week while also getting in my normal training. The one thing I can say that is suffering a bit is my swimming. I seem to have a swim aversion that I need to kick right now! I need to get in the pool to be ready for next month, but the mental block is there and staying put!

I had two very fun weekends to start off August, with a girl's trip down to my beach house, filled with seafood and beer for the first weekend. This past weekend Nick left town for a bachelor party and I had some friends come in from the Midwest to get into some trouble with, and we were successful. And now I have to admit that it is time to buckle down a bit. And buckle down I will!

I have a swim on descending 100's tomorrow and I need to force myself to go get it done and then I am heading into the office and meeting a friend out to dinner. Then back to the hard work on Thursday. But now it is off to run and teach and then off to bed nice and early!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of summer. (Eeeeek! I didn't like writing that!)

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