Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello, Hello..I am at a place called Vertigo

WOW what a week!! So last week I was diagnosed with positional vertigo. It is exactly what it sounds like, I feel like I am spinning when in certain positions. The good part is they can fix it, the bad part is when the earthquake happened, I was the most confused person in the world. I was thinking to myself, "Holy shit is this some part of vertigo they didn't tell me about?" then I noticed my water glass shaking, a la Jurassic Park, and the lights swaying and, well then I really didn't know what to think, since New York isn't really known for their quakes!

Then by Saturday after a nice long week of subbing more classes and working my ass off, we are told we need to evacuate for the hurricane. Well not for nothing, there was no way we were going to do that. We decided we would just stay awake and fight the water as it approached. And it worked! Then after a full 30 hours of no sleep and all work and panic, the remaining people in our building headed out to the bars to reward ourselves. I mean at that point, we had no plumbing since our system is below the water table so the toilets didn't flush (yep I peed in the bathtub, I had running water so that was the best option), no sleep, no power and no human interaction outside of the 6 of us. So what's a girl to do? Drink is the answer!

With water up to 3 feet in front of our building, Monday was spent putting the house back together and getting ready for the week. Everything was closed so I had no classes to teach so I went about cleaning. I am subbing again this week for a bunch of classes and today I make up the 3hr Z1/Z2 ride I couldn't do on Saturday followed by a 50 min Z1/Z2 T run. And now I am getting ready for class.

Hopefully this week won't be quite as eventful as last week. No more natural disasters please!!

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  1. holy crap jess - that was quite the week for you! that is terrible about the vertigo and even more terrible to hear about that hobag irene busting your apartment. be careful! miss you.