Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Gonna Be a Long One Folks

Day two of the 5am wake up, it's currently 9am and I am ready to crash! As I mentioned I am subbing a few extra classes the next few weeks for a friend who is away on vacation. Now, there is an up side to this:

1) I am making a little extra cash and that never hurt anyone.
2) When I get up and get moving early in the morning, I get my blood pressure up and it keeps the dizziness from settling in for a few hours.

There is also a downside:

1) I am exhausted and fall asleep around 8pm every night.
2) When my blood pressure returns to it's normal sleepy state, I get way more dizzy than normal.
3)Did I mention, I am freakin tired!!

Ok I will stop complaining now and start psyching myself up. Today should be a my most challenging day. I taught a 6am sculpt class, I have work and I need to get in 2 hours of speed work on the bike, followed by a 40 min T run, and then it is back to the gym to teach my Tuesday night spin. Then I envision my night ending with some dinner and passing out on the couch. I hope Nick is up for another night of carrying me to bed!

Then it is just back to standard training until I teach again on Friday. I mean if wanted to lose those last few pounds this is the way to do it! Other than that it is life proceeding as normal. I am hoping to get a hold of the spinning state of mind this week with a trip to the neurologist and maybe some blood work. It has been happening since the middle of July so hopefully we can figure it out in the next few weeks, so I can go back to being a "normal" person. (I laugh to myself at the thought of normal!)

On that note, onto the next workout!

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