Monday, November 8, 2010

Crappy Monday!!!

What a day! It has been sleeting here in New Jersey for the past 4 hours, and I am cold! But for some reason, I just want to go work out! I taught spin this morning, took a nap and got to work, and now I am just antsy! I ran 6 miles yesterday, just to see how it would feel and also maybe to see if I could do it and I loved it! There is a part of me that is thinking maybe I should just focus on running this year, but then I realize that is the scared part of me, the part I have to ignore. A part of me that I didn't think existed but I guess it is just my brain trying to play it safe.

So now I am looking forward to my second spin class tonight. I am thinking I might head over a little early to get in a quick run (obsessed much?). My friend that I am training and I are heading into our 4 week of our "Get in shape mission" and it is our 4th week of weight lifting. Let's see how I feel by the end of this week!

Then tonight we continue planning for Sedona. Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

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