Friday, April 27, 2012

Doin' the Snoopy Happy Dance!

Well there are actually a few reasons for my dancing this morning. One being, it's Friday and I have had one hell of a work week and now it is over, the other, and most enjoyable is I ran this morning for 45 minutes with ZERO knee pain. Yes, that is right, NONE! And, to top it off I was running at a faster pace than I was earlier this week. So maybe, just maybe, I have gotten over the hump. We will see what happens on my longer run tomorrow. But I am thinking today was  good sign for sure.

I really am happy this week is over though and I am looking forward to our last weekend of shopping for kitchen remodeling items. We had a consultation this morning at 7am to get the final measurements and I think we are in the home stretch of planning and then it is kitchen demo time. At which time I will lock myself in my guest room and hide under a blanket until it is all done and cleaned up.

This weekends workouts are looking very similar to last. Tomorrow a long run with a recovery ride and Sunday a 2.5 hour brick workout. I really hope I didn't celebrate too early about my knee, but it would be nice to be able to run comfortably again. Am I asking too much?

Today I need to finish signing up for my 2012 season races and schedule a bike tune up and fitting. I am thinking about replacing my aerobars, so I thought that might be a good opportunity to get fitted. So now I am off to spend some $$$. I do love this sport, but it certainly does burn a hole in your pocket.

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