Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On my Own

After a week of rest and quite a bit of knee pain. I finished off the week with a massage and a big dinner with some friends. On Saturday we were going to start picking out our new kitchen, but before we went I wanted to try my luck on the bike to see if loosening up a bit and stretching might help the knee. I got on my bike in ZR for about 45 min and spent some time stretching. While it helped a bit, I was still feeling the knee pain which walking up and down stairs so I gave up and headed out for a day of cabinet shopping.

I took Sunday off again and decided to finally cheat on my diet a bit and sat on the couch and ate pizza all day, which I must say was glorious! On Monday I got up to teach spin and figured this would be a great test for the knee. While teaching my knee felt fine, but in the abs class I took after it seemed that doing a side plank was irritating it. After class I used the foam roller and headed home.

After talking to Coach P we agreed that maybe I still rest a bit this week. So this week I get to do whatever workouts I want, when I want, but I am just supposed to keep them light. I am still a little concerned though because I did a tiny bit of running yesterday and woke up with knee pain today. I think it could be my IT band, so I am going to just continue to roll and take Omega 3 and pray it doesn't get any worse!

Well that is all I have to report so far this week! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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