Friday, March 30, 2012

Losing My Mind

This week has been a rest week for me, so that means no working out. What, WHAT?!?!? All week I have seriously not known what to do with myself. Now granted, Monday and Tuesday working out was out of the question only because my bendy parts were not working at all. Then I worked the night shift from 3am on Wednesday morning to 6pm Wednesday night. So again I was ok with not working out. Then came Thursday. I had a plan. I was going to sleep in and then head to the gym and maybe jump on the elliptical for a while to help loosen up my legs and then get in a good stretch. Well my knee felt so unbelievably bad after I walked to get lunch that I decided to sit at home again.

So here we are, it's Friday. I subbed a 6am spin class this morning and all I wanted to do was get on the damn bike and pedal, but no, my knee won't let me! So again, I did the "right" thing and just yelled at the class from the floor as opposed to working out with them. Then I spent some time with a foam roller and yup, you guessed it, my knee hurts AGAIN!

One thing I should have been taking advantage of this week is cheating on my diet and for some reason, I haven't. I can say this is honestly the healthiest week ever for me in terms of eating. I have eaten more salads and chicken than I have all year, in one week! For some reason I don't want to do the bad things like drinking and pigging out. My body seems to want veggies! Who am I and what did this marathon do to me!?!?

So before this knee pain takes over my life, I am going to take a nice Epsom salt bath, stretch and get a massage and see how I feel. Coach P thinks it is "Runners Knee". I looked it up and it does exist (I mean it doesn't sound real does it?) and it seems like I have all of the symptoms, although Webmd can really make you feel like you have anything with the way they list symptoms. But I am going to go with it. I am going to keep myself from exercising (ok I may try to take a yoga class), and hope that by Monday I am ready to roll.

This last race reignited my spirit in racing. I finally came out on top. I think that had something to do with really thinking about the race I chose and examining the race course before signing up. So that is the method I am sticking to for the rest of the season. I will meet 26.2 again later this year (bearing knee cooperation) at the NYC Marathon, a course I know very well, but one that has challenged me every time I have taken it on. But this year, if I keep it up at the rate I am going I will be ready for anything it throws at me.

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