Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feel the Burn

Yup I feel it! Last week was my first week back to heavier training. With last weekend being my first brick and all that fun. And, boy do I feel it. But at the same time, boy do I feel good! It is nice to get back to working hard and feeling tired after a hard day of work and work outs. Sounds a little nutty, huh?

This week started with spin and a quick lifting session. I usually also take this 30 min abs class after my 6am spin, but this Monday I wasn't feeling too hot. My stomach was killing me, so opted to skip the crunching and planking that would inevitably make my stomach feel worse. By Monday night I was feeling a little better, but I went light on dinner and went to bed early just in case I wasn't totally in the clear.

Tuesday I had planned to start the day early again with a workout, but my body had other plans. I slept through 2 hours of snoozing and woke up just in time to start work. I guess my body needed some sleep!? I got in a quick swim and 1:05 Z1 ride yesterday and then headed to spin class. Again, I was tired, but loving it by the time bedtime came.

This morning I managed to get up before my alarm (= body is done resting) and headed to the gym to lift and get in a 43 min Z1 run. What is strange is that I feel like my knee has a 40 min threshold. If I am running at a pace faster than 9:23, I will start feeling slight pain my knee, ITB at around 40 min. I ran 41 minutes and made the executive decision to stop and stretch when my knee starting acting up. Seriously though, when is this going to stop?

I think I am going to head back to the pool for a quick swim this afternoon, then it is dinner with some of my girl friends tonight. Gotta get a head start on working off some of the food I plan on eating tonight! Happy hump day!

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