Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still Slow Going Here

After my week of making up my own workouts, Coach P and I came the conclusion that I had the start of IT Band problems. So we said no running at all last week and that we would ease into it this week. Which I must say, while it makes me feel a little better to have a planned work out schedule, I am just not used to it being this light. I can obviously find a way to complain about anything!

So this week I have been teaching spin class nonstop, since I have the free time, why not, taking hour long rides, 30 min swims and 30 min runs. On Tuesday I went on my first run at a pace of 9:23, I was all good until about 27 min and then I got that nagging feeling in my knee. So I stopped the treadmill and headed to the dreaded foam roller. I am going to take a stab at it again today and see what happens. Maybe I will take it a little slower, if I am capable of it.

Other than that, life has been pretty blah. We had a fun Easter with my family, filled with mimosas and egg hunts. and lots of eating. And we are in the process of planning a total kitchen remodel at our place, so I can say I have logged more time at Home Depot than I ever have in my life. I figure this is my way of paying Nick back for all the triathlons he has sat through and also it is adding to my bank for this race season.

Hopefully tonight's run will be a bit more successful and if not, I have fantastic dinner plans so it really won't matter! Have a great night!

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