Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Test

So this weekend I planned a little test for my ITB. Last week I managed to ride and run and only have slight pain. So with my new sneakers, foam roller and stubborn mind I set out to test my body a bit. I decided there was no way that I would not submit to Coach P's idea of switching to water running only, making the only answer to obviously test my ITB to see what my threshold was. I set out to do a few ZR rides followed by Z1 runs. The runs would be for as long as I could withstand without pain.

Saturday was fine. I rode and then got a short run with no pain. I rolled after the ride and the run and then rewarded myself with a day at the pool in the sun, followed by oysters and seafood pasta. On Sunday I hopped on the bike for quick 45 min ZR and then went to the gym to see what I could do. I managed to bang out 55 min at a 9:12 pace. At 55min I didn't absolutely have to stop, but I started to feel a dull aching, so I made the executive decision to stop and roll out my leg. So it looks like 55 min is it for now.

I relayed my times to Coach P and it he seemed ok with it and has kept me on my normal training schedule with no water running for now. While water running could be fun and entertaining, considering I have a pool at my complex and it would be funny to see people's reaction to me in the pool at 8am jogging, I would rather stick to my normal running plan for now.

I haven't really had to run this week yet. But I will be testing it all out again tonight during my Z1 T run. I have to do the first mile in Z2 and I am interested to see if this will effect how I feel afterwards. Fingers and toes crossed  (again! I am sensing a pattern here, maybe that is the problem!) I make it through the entire run!

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