Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things Hurt

Life at the hotel has been pretty uneventful. Although Nick and I did have some fun on Saturday night and pretended like we were on vacation, which meant some good food and lots of drinks! But other than that, it has been lots of running, including a few days of over/unders and a 1:45 Z1/Z2 run on Saturday and phone calls to figure out where we will be living next.

It turns out we will be getting an apartment 2 miles from our place. Which means we can host Thanksgiving regardless if our apartment is ready or not! This makes me quite happy, but more on that later in the month! Another good thing, will be settling into a "normal" life and leaving all of the work to the contractors at our condo. Between, running, being on on site project manager and still working my normal job, the last week was a bit much.

But what I noticed, is that it has taken my focus off of one thing I would usually be nervous about right now, The NYC Marathon. Yup, I just looked my calendar and realized that baby is just over a week away. WHAT?!?!? Where did the time go? Seriously, I thought maybe I was reading the calendar wrong when I saw that November 4th is a lot closer than anticipated!

So now, I get to move into my new apartment, start my taper and get down to business! And I mean really get down to business. I am not sure how I actually feel about the race since I haven't thought about it at all. All I know is that I am tired and it is showing up in my recovery from these runs. I think I have been running with some bad posture lately. After each long run, I end up with some lower back pain, so I think I just need to focus on pulling in my abs a bit more.

But now it is time to get my eye on the prize. This is the last race of my season and then we launch full force into some good vacations, that we held off on so we could really enjoy them. So I have to try to make it a good one! We shall see what NYC has in store for me.

Today I got my new shoes, so I can get one last long run with them to break them in and I bought some new running capri's which I will also be test driving. After Saturdays long run it will be all about focus. And after some nice tapering I should be ready to go! 

Any end of season races for you guys?

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