Monday, October 28, 2013

Where have I been you ask? Or did you?

Ok, so you probably didn't ask, maybe didn't even notice, but lately I have been feeling bad about just dropping off the face of the earth, so here goes! Where have I been? Well.....let's go back to my last post in March (yes it was that long ago, sigh), right around that time, I was feeling a bit tired and cranky. Ok, that is an understatement, super tired and just really mean, but only to my husband (sorry Nick!). Well it was about 4 or 5 days before that post that we found out, we were pregnant! Yup, we had thought that 2013 was the year to try and boy it didn't take very long, about 1.5 months later that "trying" paid off! So that explains being so damn tired!

So now I am 9 months pregnant, about 2 weeks out from my due date and the heir to the throne is baked and ready to enter our world! We do not know what we are having, we decided to make keep that a surprise, but we are excited to meet this little one! Here is some photographic evidence of what I have been up to. A nice round triathlete reporting for duty!

So since this is a triathlon blog, let's talk about that. My original plan was to continue to race and train up until the end of month 6. Well right towards the end of my first trimester I got in a  nice half marathon in Central Park. I ended up with a PR for the Central Park course, which was nice and I felt great doing it.

My next race was to be an Olympic Triathlon in the beginning of June. I ran into a little snag on that one. I was trained and ready to go, but I had no one to go to the race with. It was down at the beach and I was down there hanging out, but I since I didn't have any support crew, I just wasn't feeling comfortable doing it on my own, in the event that I didn't feel my best. So instead I spent the weekend at the beach and did some nice long runs instead.

Now, if I said that was all I was doing, you might think, well then what is your excuse for not blogging? You were training and racing....were you just lazy? NO! There is more!

In 2012, Nick has started to interview with companies to look for a possible new opportunity. Well one of the companies was located in Charlotte, NC. As it turned out, his company was not ready to give him up, so they made it worth his while to stick around in NYC a bit a longer. Well in February 2013 we get a call from the company in Charlotte and they tell Nick they are going to create a position for him and they want him to reconsider. So we talked it through and thought, there was no harm in considering.

Enter the pregnancy, and we started thinking that now with a child on the way, we may need to start thinking about the future and where we plan on "settling down" when we have a family since we were in the process of making one. Well in May, on mother's day, we let our parents know that they were going to be grandparents and then let them know, that we were going down to Charlotte to consider moving. At the end of May we headed down to Charlotte and fell in love. The job was good, the city was beautiful and we were sold!

At the end of June, we packed up our newly renovated apartment, and moved down to Charlotte and here we are! It was a bit of an adjustment, moving from the high paced New York City life, to a bit of a slower more relaxed culture, but we have welcomed it with open arms. We are living right near one of the big lakes down here and have spent our time taking advantage of the sunny weather and lake activities and as of right now, we believe we have found the place to start our family and create our home.

So there you have it! I have been busy! A lot has changed but all for the best. On the training front, with the big climate change that came with the move, I decided to take a hiatus from my team in July and have been getting in about an hour of cardio a day. I was able to run up until month 6 and now I have replaced running with the elliptical. The baby bouncing on your bladder can make anyone not want to run more than 3 steps without peeing in your pants! But I have remained active for sure.

I plan on entering back into training in January (as long as I am cleared by my doc) and heading into the 2014 completely renewed and refreshed. It has honestly been quite nice to retire the HR monitor for a few months and have less of a stringent plan. I think the break was needed and I am excited to come back fresh and try out this new racing circuit that I moved into!

I also plan on keeping up with this little site as much as I can in the next few months, but want back on full time in January.

So I hope you can forgive me for taking a bit of a break. Life in our family got a bit hectic but we have been enjoying it. Now we wait for Baby G to get here and then figure out what our new normal is. Then it is back to being a slave to the sport!

So now you are all caught up! Have a great week!


  1. Congratulations! Wow, two weeks! You're coming down the home stretch!!!! One of the best pieces of advice I got (lord knows a ton of the advice you get is annoying…and if one more person says to you "get your sleep now", you may cut them. Or at least, that's how I felt ;) ), do some research on the 5 S's and the fourth trimester. OMG that saved my life during the first month. It makes so much sense and it's so helpful.

    And Congrats on the move! That's awesome!

    1. I am with you on the "get your sleep now" advice and another good one, "Your life is so over, everything is going to change". Well of course it is, but for the better! These are thesame people who were selling kids hard when we weren't pregnant!

      I am going to look up the 5 S's now. Maybe that will bring on some contractions!