Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here is How it All Went Down

Ok so in an effort to clear some things up from the last post, here is what I remember at least. I got up around 4:30am on the 1st to drive down to the race, when I got there the weather was actually fantastic for what I figured would be a pretty fast race. It was then that I realized, this was my first sprint tri of the season. And then I got excited. I set up transition and headed to the beach to check out the water. The temp was great and there were NO waves. I joked around about the swim with the lifeguards as they set up the buoys and then I was ready to go.

The current was ok but not too strong so we set up somewhat near the first buoy to begin the swim. I promised myself again that I would go all out and not mess around and off I went. I believe I finished the swim and run up the beach and into T1 in about 8 minutes or so. Then into T1 I went and out I came in under 2 minutes. So here is what I can remember. I remember thinking that there were a lot of people out on the bike course. This was a tru and du, so there were both bikers and runners on the course. I also remember that no one was announcing their passing on the bike. I was passed by two men on the right, very close and no one said anything as they did it. I politely told them to announce their passing and then kept going.

So it all went down (including myself) at around 3:30 in the bike. I remember something frightening me and so I looked back over my right shoulder, then I turned back forward and that is when it happened. My front wheel turned to the left, I looked down at my speed and I was traveling at 19.8 mph and I said to myself "Oh shit, I am so going to be the girl who falls during the race". And fall I did!

I came to as we were in the ambulance and the emt's began cutting off my uniform. I told them not to, that I was ok, but they just started to cut away to see where else I was hurt. So here is the interesting part, the answer to that is no where! I had not a mark anywhere on my body! No road rash, nothing! The face of my Garmin had broken off on impact and that was it.

At this point, I must have passed out again. I regained consciousness again as they were moving me into the hospital, at which point I told them that I would prefer not to flash everyone and everything in sight and that I would appreciate if they would cover me, which thankfully they did!

I proceeded to spend the next day in ER, 4 days in the ICU trauma center and then another 7 days in the Trauma unit of the Jersey Shore Hospital in Belmar. And can I tell you, these people were fantastic. I have never felt in better hands when hurt and all you want is your mommy. The diagnosis was two skull fractures, bleeding and oxygen on the brain along with some minor brusing on my neck and left hand.

After all of that time in the hospital I was finally released and now I am spending all of my time at home. And that is just a post for another time. Tomorrow I want to share some phenomenal stories about my stay at the hospital and all of people who came by to speak with me and share their hearts and stories.

For now, this is all I can share due to my current state, because I can't take too much computer light in my eyes. But I will return again tomorrow to keep filling everyone in.

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