Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Where did my energy go this week? Last week I was all over the place after working nights for the entire weekend, I came out of the gate and 100 mph and this week I could just curl up and sleep my way through it.

This past weekend I got in a good two days of rest, movie watching and workouts. I trashed my legs a bit, but no more than any other normal training weekend and felt great. Well I got up on Monday for spin and I was beat! I never "cheat" when I teach because I feel guilty, but man did I cheat on Monday. Then I came home and went right back to bed. I got up a second time for work and then managed to get in 2 more solid workouts.

Then yesterday, I crashed again! I slept until I absolutely had to get up and start working, skipping my original plan of an early morning workout, and then worked until after lunch. Then I attempted a pretty easy ride and about half way through I felt shaky and wanted to pass out. So I gave up and hit the couch. By my 7pm spin I was ready to go and I ended up teaching a pretty hard class with no cheating this time and came home wired. But now again, I am exhausted! What gives???

This week is a somewhat rest week because I am supposed to race another 5k this weekend, which I guess is good considering how I am feeling. But I mean seriously! I am hoping to snap out of this today, but I doubt it since I have been up since 4am working on an event. As for the 5k, I haven't found one yet, so it might just be race simulation for this girl!

Ok so now I need to focus on getting some food and coffee into my belly so I can fuel through today's workouts. Wish me luck!

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