Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

It seems to be that time of year. I am hitting my training lull, where I would rather sit by my pool on a Saturday rather than sit on my bike and I am getting another year older.

This Saturday is my birthday and I am turning 32. I am excited to get up early and head out for my long ride so I can sit by the pool and do nothing but have some cocktails and celebrate. Work has slowed down a bit this weekend but after two weeks of working strange hours my body has not gone back to it's original schedule so easily!

I did have an interesting start to the week at least. I woke up on Monday to teach my 6am spin, got to the gym and it turned out the sound system was broken. So how do you tell a group of people who got up at 5:30am with the purpose of spinning that class is cancelled and they just wasted their morning? You don't! I put 9 eager (insane) attendees through every cycling drill I know for 45 minutes. Thank god I have a coach who tortures me on a daily basis or I would have had to deal with some angry people! And it turns out they loved it. They pedaled as hard as they could with only my iphone humming the background and ended class saying it was one of the hardest ones they have ever taken. Crisis averted!

Now this morning started off with a nice 1:24 Z1 ride. I thought I was doing ok, I was pushing it and dripping with sweat only to get off the bike and check my garmin to see I was on average 2 beats into Z1. This seems to be a trend here, but when I am pushing myself that hard there is only so much more effort I can put into it! I will have to reassess on Thursday when I try again.

Other than that the week/weekend was pretty much the same. Outside of the news that my wedding dress is in and we picked out our wedding bands which was a lot of fun. We are getting closer and closer and quite excited! But I have a lot of other things I need to do before then so it can't go that quickly!

Off to down another coffee and head to teach spin, hopefully this time with music!

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