Monday, January 9, 2012

Did those words just come out of my mouth?

That was the theme of last weekend. On Friday I got in a quick workout at lunch of quarter mile repeats, to which my comment in my training log was, "I felt like crap". And there you go! After getting over said crappy feeling I headed into the city to join a fun group of friends to watch the first night of the PBR tour in NYC. No, not the Pabst Blue Ribbon tour, although I would go to one if there was one, the Professional Bull Riding tour. Every year in January they come to NYC and a group of us get together to have some adult fun and bet on some bulls, or riders for that matter.

On Saturday I got up early to get in my 3 hour ride and run and then it was time for some quality time on the couch. We had a house warming party that night for some friends who had just moved out to the burbs. We had a ride home and we were planning on taking the train there. That is when I decided, I would rather drive than drink, so I became the DD for the night.

On Sunday, I got up early again for a 1 hour Z1 run, 1 hour ZR ride and then another 1 hour Z1 run. What a Sunday! My first hour my pace was around 9:06 miles. I got home got on the bike and few hours later went out to try again. My second hour's pace was 9:03 miles. I am not sure how that happened. I would have thought since I was tired I would have run a bit slower the 2nd time around, but not the case. Then I made another uncharacteristic decision to not watch the playoffs and instead head into the city to walk around. Whaaaa? Who is this girl???? So we headed into the city early to walk around and get a burger.

Sunday was also my favorite date night of the year. We went to the closing night of the Big Apple Circus. What fun! We were one of the few couples there that didn't have kids, but we still managed to fit in, by having me throw a temper tantrum when Nick wouldn't buy me a stuffed dog. I mean it had to be done, we didn't want to look out of place!

After the circus we headed back home to get to bed early so I could be all set and ready for class and swimming this morning. And I actually slept the night! Yup thank god for small miracles.

Now that all the working out is done, I am getting ready to head out and fill my belly with some sushi. I hope everyone had a great start to their week!

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