Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now That the Dust Has Settled

What a whirlwind week of fun holiday festivities. So first and foremost, Happy Holidays to all and I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. Ok now that that is out of the way....As I have gotten back into work and reading my daily blogs I have read a lot of 2011 recaps and I can't even begin to imagine recapping mine. It has been an insane year, with lots of great things, like getting back to racing after my injury, getting married and getting to spend some quality bonding time with some amazing people. I had a great 2011. Now I can't lie, there were also some sad times and times where I felt a little tested, but we all made it through and now it is on to the next!

Speaking of on to the next, I have been trying really hard to get my shit in order and plan out this year of racing. Needless to say, it isn't quite working out as planned! I am going to try to plan out January-May at least, today. Let's see how successful I am with that one! As for any other plans for this year, I currently don't have many. Everyone sits around this time of year and talks about resolutions. I am not sure that I have any that are any different from my normal everyday goals. Just get better at what I do. There you go!

This week I am focusing on getting my ass out of bed in the morning (baby steps, people). With the temperature dropping I am having a hard time getting out of bed before 8, ok let's be realistic, 9am. I would rather sit in bed and cuddle with the dog than face the cold. I am getting all of my workouts in, just later in the day, which is something I would rather not do. So that is the goal for the next few weeks. My resolutions go week by week people! And I don't mind patting myself on the back a little, today I got up at 6:45am. Mind you, I am not doing anything really but having coffee and watching the news, but I am up damn it!

I do have one race picked out, the Ocean Marathon on March 25th, so that is what I have been training for as of late. I am feeling pretty good, except that my lower back has been bothering me. I am beginning to think it might be that I work from my coffee table. Sitting the way I do every day for hours, could be having a negative effect on my back. So I am going to try to move my laptop to the kitchen table to see if that helps. So it has been some decent long runs and some speed work on the bike.

Other than that, life is the same old, same old. And I can't say I mind it! I hope everyone is having a great start to the year and getting their 2012 race schedules together. Feel free to send over race ideas if you have them, I am open to some new ones this year.

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