Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spin, Swim, Steam, Repeat

Yup, I think that sums it up for me this week. I have been picking up extra classes for people, because I am a nice person (also known as a sucker). I taught Monday morning, Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The good thing is that it gets me out of bed nice and early and then really I have no excuse to not swim. I have to walk by the pool to leave so I have to do it. And really after taking the week off of swimming after I poked my eye out, swimming is hard. The bad thing, is that I have to swim.

This week I am supposed to be resting so I can get in my bike test, but I am not sure that what I have been doing is considered resting. And then on top of it all, I am killing myself and not losing a GD pound! Nothing!! I mean how does a person work out this much and not see any results?!?!?

Today I have a 1:30 z1/z2 bike and a 40 min z1/z2 run. As of right now, I am feeling quite sluggish so this work out should be interesting. I am hoping to turn a corner after lunch and get some energy. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I am going with it. So wish me luck!

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