Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Need a Few More Hours in My Day

So again I have gone on a blogging hiatus and it looks like a workout hiatus as well. Work has been my main focus for the past 2 weeks. I have a ton of events next week and have only been concentrating on getting them done. The good thing is that while I haven’t been working out, I have locked down on the family diet here in Hoboken. I have been making sure that we eat tons of vegetables and have even convinced Nick to start packing a lunch so he can be in control of what he eats. And as an added benefit it saves money.

I have been in the office all week, and while I don’t have the ability to pack a lunch here, I have been making sure to eat as healthy as possible. Considering I am only getting in 75% of my workouts this week, I am trying to at least be good at something. For the past two days I have eaten, cottage cheese for breakfast, fresh spinach with olive oil and lemon dressing and a scoop of tuna for lunch and then a grapefruit as a snack. Dinner is a lean protein and two veggies. And my favorite part is, brussel sprouts are back! My obsession continues this winter.

On the workout front, I taught on Monday but had to get a sub for Tuesday so I could stay late at work. Then I headed home for a 2 hour speed drill on my bike. It was too late to get my run in, so I just ate dinner and went to bed. Tonight I have a work dinner function so unfortunately I am SOL on today’s workout as well. I am hoping to at least get up early tomorrow and get a workout in and get home at a decent time tomorrow night and get in another. Then I should be able to get back to normalcy….or I am going to have to devise a plan to add at least 3-4 more hours to my days.

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