Friday, February 3, 2012

Annnd Breathe......

I am finally back to normal. And by normal I mean getting to work out every day and not being consumed by work every waking moment. The past two weeks with work were the craziest I have had in a while. I spent all of last week in the city at my office, working with my boss and this week, I had back to back events. The only good thing was this week I worked from home. So that meant nice healthy home cooked dinners and working out.

I have been in the pool a bunch this week and as a reward I bought my self a brand spanking new speedo. This actually being a reward to the other people in the pool at 7am, as my other speedo is so stretched out I think it was actually creating drag while I swam. So a gift for all!

Along with spending some mornings in the pool I also have been doing these fantastic Z3 bikes and runs. I always seem to dread them more than necessary. I am not sure why. I only need to be in Z3 for 15 minutes at a time and as long as I don't watch the clock it really isn't too bad. I seem to psych myself out a bit before I do it and afterwards I feel fine. Oh the joys of the mind fuck we are able to produce for ourselves!

This weekend I have a 3:10 Z1/Z2 ride followed by a 50 min T run on Saturday and then a long run and short bike on Sunday. Followed by delicious non-core diet food, drinks and football. While I am a Bills fan, I think I side with the majority (of smart people), who want the Giants to win. I kid, Boston fans, no need to get your Victoria's Secrets all in a bunch! (or do I?) But Giants aside, we throw a Super Bowl party every year and it is the party I live for. I make all deliciously bad dips and provide equally bad foods to pair with them and we just sit and eat all day. The past few years I haven't really been too interested in the game but this year I will enjoy both the gluttony and the game.

Next week is actually a relatively quiet week for me, which means more focus on eating well and training. Less than 2 months until my marathon. Wow, that freaked me out a bit just writing it! So we will not speak of it again. Have a wonderful weekend! GO GIANTS!

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  1. i think i would quit triathlons if i had to bike 3 hours on a trainer. you are a better woman than i :) GO GIANTS! (i have my giants jersey on today at work!)