Monday, February 6, 2012


That is the theme for the next two months. I am trying very hard to focus on my upcoming race and getting faster. Yesterday I got in a 1:30 Z1 ride with two 15 min intervals at a cadence of 70, then took a break to get some food ready for our party and then I went out for a 1:48 Z1/Z2 run. And let me tell you I was focused. I started out and was already making excuses as to why I could stop if I wanted to and then I promptly told myself to just man up and get the job done. I completed somewhere around 11 or 12 miles at a 9:14 pace and I actually felt great.

Then it was time to get down to some serious junk food business. Once I got home I prepped my bacon bleu cheese dip and artichoke dip and securely wrapped all my pigs in blankets. Then I sat down with my neighbor and a glass of prosecco and some buffalo chicken dip and it was time to relax. We had about 10 people over from our neighborhood and we ate and some drank to our hearts content.

We did have a funny realization at the end of the night. We are getting old. Yup, we have confirmed it. With 10 people we went through a total of 20 beers for the entire night, I had one and then decided I wanted to switch to seltzer instead (LAME!!). By halftime, a few of us were snuggled on the couch almost ready to pass out, and the Madonna halftime show surely didn’t help to wake us, as we sat there embarrassed for her while she pretended to be 26 again. For shame Madonna, for shame! And I think the best part was while we were cleaning up after the game, Nick and I were discussing how old we are and we both noticed one of our friends didn’t drink anything. Instead of thinking she might be hung over, the first thing we both said was, well maybe she is pregnant. My how times have changed!

After our crazy night I headed to bed and got up nice and early for my 6am spin class. Which, due to the game, was comprised only of girls. After class, I hopped in the pool for some catch drills. I mentioned my new fancy speedo I bought myself last week. Well I forgot one detail, when you buy a new bathing suit, even if you buy the correct size, the first few times you wear it, it is like wearing a straight jacket. Man, nothing makes you feel better, after a night of gorging on junk food, than a bathing suit that feels like it is going to explode off of your body at any time during your swim. But there is an upside to this, now I will have to get up early and do my swims when no one is at the pool, so no one else has to suffer with me.

Tomorrow, thankfully I get a break from the bathing suit torture chamber and I will log a little more time on the bike and on my feet. Let’s hope my legs wake up by then. Happy Monday everyone!

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