Thursday, February 9, 2012

Angry Pigs

And by pigs I mean toes and by angry I mean two of them are on strike and don’t want to bend. How bizarre is that? On Tuesday night after my spin class, two toes on my right foot started to feel almost sore. Yesterday, I decided to go for a quick run outside to see how my pigs were doing and about 15 minutes into the run they started aching. I went home and decided to take an Epsom salt bath to see if maybe I was cramping from working out so much. Although it was nice to sit and drink a glass of wine and read a book in the bath, the only thing it did do for me, was make me tired. So off to bed I went.

This morning I got up and was stretching in bed and there it was again. Every time I tried to curl the toes on my right foot, all I felt was pain. Today I was supposed to do a Z3 ride and a Z3 run. I decided that I would wait and see how my toes felt after my ride. While they didn’t hurt too much they still did hurt a little bit. I decided I would push my run to tomorrow and give my toes some time off.

But the thing is, what is wrong with them. I mean, I know if they are sprained or something like that, there isn’t much I can do besides tape them together, but if that is the case, how did it happen. The only other thing I can think is maybe they got irritated with my long run followed by some heavy spin classes. Not that that has ever happened before, but it could be possible. Right?

Tomorrow, I will take them for another test drive to see if they are ok with working out. If they protest I will have to tape them together and pray for the best. Outside of my run tomorrow I also have a 45 strength set in the pool which consists of me tying my feet together for a 10 x 100 freestyle set. Good thing my pool goes no deeper than 4 feet, or else drowning could also be on the agenda.

Well I am off to soak again, this time sans the wine.

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