Tuesday, February 7, 2012


That is what my legs feel like. Pardon me while I complain a bit here, but they are really shot today. I got on my bike for 2:00 hours of speed work and had to start with 35 min in ZR/Z1 before I went in to the speed sets and I was dying. I could hardly get myself into Z1 and I was riding in a very wimpy gear. But hey, at least I forced myself to keep riding. The speed sets were even more pathetic. But again, they got done. Then it was off for a T run. I am surprised no one stopped and offered to give me a ride home, if I looked anywhere near how I felt, I can only imagine what people were thinking. And complaining is DONE! Phew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

So if you didn't notice I am feeling a little beat up from this weekends work outs but I am hoping since tomorrow all I have is a swim, I will be refreshed and back to normal by Thursday. I am planning to get the swim done nice and early so I have all day to relax my legs. I may even opt for a salt bath or two, if I can get up the energy to clean the tub. I have big plans here people!

Other than that, it is just another Tuesday. I finished my workouts and in a few hours I have to go work other people out. I am considering teaching off the bike tonight, but I know how that story ends. I say I am going to go light, and then I end up riding harder than I ever would in the first place. So maybe I will just keep my big mouth shut.

Let's see if tomorrow brings a lighter feeling to my legs.

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