Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Yeah that about sums it up for me! On Tuesday I noticed after my swim, run and teaching that I had acquired a very dry spot on my face. As my husband puts it, it looks like someone punched you in the face and their knuckles left a mark. By Wednesday it seemed to have gotten worse. I noticed it was at it's worst right after I worked out.

Now in the past, when the weather gets cold, my face has become more sensitive to the towels I use when running at the gym or cycling. Almost as if the dryness in the air combined with the harshness of the towel were too much for my skin. So originally that's what I thought it was. Then on Thursday I found a dry, itchy patch on the inside of my elbow. And last night before bed i noticed it was on my back as well.

Well this morning, I got up, made a peach and yogurt smoothie, had half of a bran muffin and hopped on the bike. 3 hours later, I changed out of my soaking wet bike clothes, and into my running clothes and headed out for my 50 min T run. As far as the run went, I was dragging ass. My heart rate was super high and I felt like I was crawling. I got back we made some grilled chicken sandwiches and then I jumped in the shower and that is when I noticed the itching was getting worse. Once I got out of the shower I saw it, the rash had spread all over my chest and back and now I wanted to scratch my skin off.

The only thing we can think it might be is a reaction to our new detergent. I washed all of my workout clothes last week and that is when it first showed up. So now we are rewashing all of my clothes with a different detergent to see if we can stop it. If not, Nick will need to put socks on my hands before I got to bed, like you do to an infant, to make sure I can't scratch when I want to!

Has anyone ever had this happen? Was it an allergic reaction or due to the dryness in the air?

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