Friday, December 10, 2010

And Breathe....

So we finally received the news about my dad this week and it is good! The cancer has not spread. So he will just have to go in and have it removed and then begin the monitoring. And man, it feels like a 10,000 pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I heard the news and could have screamed with relief! Now it is not to say that we are totally in the clear, but at least we know it is not as bad as it could have been.

So having received the best and only Christmas gift I wanted, I am now set and ready for the new year! Ready to move on with life and get back to the good things!

Speaking of which I begin my coached training again on 12/20. It should be quite interesting considering I have been doing my own thing for a few months now. So it might be a little shock to the system. The good thing is that I have gotten on an early morning schedule, so hopefully I will be able to stick with the 6am workouts and have my evenings free. I think my first race back will be the Manhattan Half marathon on Jan 22nd. I did it last year and although cold, it fun. So I think I will make that my goal! Let's see how that goes.

For now I need to just focus on getting healthly. I am heading to the dr in a few minutes to conquer my cold and then I am going to take a week to relax and mentally prepare for the 2011 season. But I did want to check in and share my good news!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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