Monday, December 6, 2010


Ok, ok, I know it is December, but the weather hasn't been that bad, then all of a sudden it is freezing and then snow flurries! Come on! Can't we ease into the bad weather? I have been in my house all day working with the heat pumped up to 74 degrees, I feel like I live in an igloo, or it might be because I am not feel all that good.

On Friday, I taught my 2 spin classes then headed over to my friends house to celebrate Hanukkah by making latkes and eating way too many of them! Then on Saturday, some good friends and their baby came to stay over for the rest of the weekend. Now I love babies, and this one is absolutely adorable, but man, they are my kryptonite! This morning, I woke up to teach and I was beat! I felt weak and tired, despite my 3 hour nap on Sunday and 9pm bed time. With vacation nearing I better beat this one soon!

This week should be an interesting one. I have my fingers crossed that dad gets a good report from the doctor tomorrow. To beat the anxiety before it gets to my head tomorrow, I plan on going to the gym early in the morning, getting on the treadmill and not getting off until I can't run another step. Then I have a long day of work ahead of me.

As for the rest of today it is work then another spin class. I figure I won't be able to move my legs by Wednesday, if I do this right! Then it is time it finish up the 2011 race schedule. Any suggestions?

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