Thursday, January 20, 2011

From 12oz Curls, to Bicep Curls, to Wedding Dress Twirls

Man has it been a long week and it's only Thursday! Last weekend we did our annual ski trip to Hunter Mountain for MLK day. And although I didn't ski, I did go tubing one day. But this ski trip is just what you expect it to be, a huge group (16 this time) in a house skiing, drinking and oh wait, drinking. Now since I haven't been drinking very much I took it easy on the cocktailing but I was still there to witness all of the debauchery that comes with 16 people and 3 kegs of beer. And man was there a lot. One of the funniest memories, is someone pulling their groin muscle playing air guitar. Talk about an athlete right there!

Once we got back it was back to the grind stone with the past three days filled with recovery swims, max strength phase lifting, 1 hour Z1 rides, which might I say I am really enjoying and 1 hour runs. Today started with some lifting and then a quick make up swim that I missed from Monday. I then followed that up with a quick 1 hour ride, where I caught up on some reading.

Oh, and this week, we have made it official, well I guess more official, we are getting married on October 8, 2011. So then you can add into the whole training and weight loss some bridal bootcamp. My goal is to lose about 9 pounds by October, which with the amount that I am training I believe is possible, I just need to stick to it.

So with the date planned, my mother and I set off for some wedding dress shopping. And man, was that an experience. I mean honestly, I would feel most comfortable getting married in running shorts and a sports tank with sneakers on, but alas, that is not an option. I mean I can get into the dress thing it just takes me a little while. So about 4 dressed in, after explaining to the woman that I was wearing a sports bra and would need to borrow a "real" bra, things started to click. I think I found the style I want at least, but no dress jumped out at me. The craziest part was standing there in a grandiose dress, then the woman came up to me and put a veil on me, and BOOM, shit got real! I finally felt like this was all real! Talk about crazy!

Well enough of the wedding talk and back to the real issue at hand, training! This week will end with a nice long ride and some more 1 hour runs. I plan on taking it real easy this weekend since we were a bit out of control last weekend. Let's see how that goes!

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