Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Much for Surprising Myself!

As I pictured, I went for my second run last week on Friday and there I was at the top of Z1 averaging 10:29 miles. So much for that little pipe dream of 10 min miles to start with. I then went on and completed my 8 minute bike test from hell. Now surprisingly I was able to maintain a decent speed with high resistance without crapping out early. So at least I know there is some improvement there. Now as to how that is going to translate when fixing my HR zones, I don't want to know! I figure if it didn't feel too bad that I have a lot of walking and hopping in my future!

This weekend, we headed to Madison Square Garden to watch a bull riding competition. And man, did I underestimate this experience. I figured it would be interesting for sure, but it was totally entertaining! Now I am not saying that I will become a regular spectator on the bull riding circuit, but it sure made for a fun Friday night.

Saturday was early to rise to head out for another full day of wedding venue searching. And I think we have made a decision. After seeing about 12 venues, I hope we have. I am working on the contract now and will hopefully have it all signed off on this week. Then it is on to more planning. Honestly, at least I have training to focus on, so I have a daily stress release session as I plan!

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