Friday, January 28, 2011

If Only I Could Sleep While I Teach Spin

What a week! After getting yet another 16 inches of snow on Thursday, I have got some major cabin fever. And I would go out and do something other than work out or work, but I am just too tired! I got up this morning for a quick lifting session followed by a 30 minute swim. When I got home I realized that since I got up so early if I really wanted to I could capitalize on the extra time before logging on to work and get my Saturday long ride done, so I could sleep in tomorrow and only have to do a quick 50 minute run. Feeling motivated I did just that. I got in a 2:30 Z1 ride and finished my new LAVA magazine (also known around my house as bike porn).

Fast forward 6 hours later and I am beat! And the worst part is that I need to motivate myself and get in another hour of work, followed by a 25 min ZR run and a 45 minute spin class! Why did I ever agree to teach this Friday class? But I keep reminding myself that I get to sleep in tomorrow. Let's see if I can make it past 9am. Highly doubtful.

So with the Saturday long ride out of the way, this weekend will be comprised of some longer runs and a nice ZR bike ride on Sunday. We are also going to spend a little bit of time working on some wedding stuff, but mostly I am going to concentrate on relaxing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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