Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Heat Wave!

Seriously how hot and humid can it get? Ok maybe that was a bad question to ask, since I think it is only going to get worse. But jesus cristo! I am not a huge fan of working out in the heat and with my race only a few days away it needs to cool down a bit. And by a bit I mean preferably like 20 degrees, although that most likely will not happen, so maybe 10 or so I could deal with.

For example, I just got back from a 20 min ZR T run, and you would think that should have been easy. Holy crap it was not. I am soaked with sweat, and for the first time this season I brought the walk/run back. My heart rate was soaring and all I could was walk to get it down. So that is just what I did. Only to return to find out I average 11:10 min/miles. Easy there speedy!!

I am mentally preparing for my race this weekend. It should be a fun time, but it is the first race this season I am going to by myself. And we all know what happened the last time I went to a race by myself! Ok I won't go there, but I can't say it isn't in the back of my mind. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!) I think I am going to go head down on Saturday night and stay at a local hotel. I just really like not having to travel in the morning and the race is about 1:20 away from home. It is only an Olympic tri so while it will be challenging it shouldn't be too hard. And get this, for the first time I think I actually may have picked a flat course! Unheard of for me, I know, but I think I did it. But I did pick, what people say is the one of the hottest tri's around here. Oh well, can't win them all.

So this week has so far been filled with spin classes and some recovery rides and runs. I am interested to see with over a month from my last race, how I do at this one. Tonight I am going to head to the pool for my Mini Monster set and then hide in the house away from the heat.

Other than that, life is just the same old shit! Well stay cool and I will be back again tomorrow hopefully with faster run times and lower temperatures to report.

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