Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Feel Refreshed, Although Not Totally Refocused

After a weekend of hanging out with 3 amazing women and acting more like men than women, I am feeling totally refreshed. Sometimes you just need a little time around those who remind you of who you are and make you feel at home. I am not saying that I don't have wonderful friends in my current city but sometimes it is nice to hang out with old friends, people that have known you for longer than your tenure in your current town. Now, in looking at how we entertained ourselves all weekend it maybe wasn't the best thing for my body, while feeling refreshed, I now need to refocus.

Sunday after everyone left I took the day to relax and watch some TV. When it came to Sunday night I figured I would just pass out, but in came the insomnia I usually face on Sunday night. I woke up on Monday at 5:20am to teach class and felt anything but refreshed. I taught class and managed to get in a decent ride on Monday, only to be faced with the same insomnia on Monday night. It seems the stress of not being able to focus on my fitness, my job and my upcoming wedding may be effecting my sleep patterns.

Today I decided to let myself sleep in and to push the morning workout until later in the day. Sleeping in was great, but as I got on my bike for my 2 hour Z1 ride, I again lacked all motivation. But I forced myself to finish coming in at the top of Z1 as prescribed. But really I hate those kind of workouts, because all I seem to be able to focus on is getting off the bike and being done. But I did it, so at least it is done!

Tonight I have to teach and then I am hoping to finally get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow I have a 45 min swim and a 1 hour Zone 1 run so I will need to feel at least a little rested.

So now that I had my dose of fun for the month it is time to start focusing on the New Jersey Tri I will be racing in 2 weeks. Off to rest before class!

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