Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Worked Out

That is exactly how I feel, just all worked out. Man I have hit my workout slump and it is hitting me hard! I mean I can still get myself to get on on my bike on my trainer and ride my prescribed times, but when it comes to things like T runs and swimming, I am just lacking the motivation. Not saying that they don't happen, it just takes a ton of effort. And then when I start things like runs, my brain starts to negotiate the amount of time I actually have to do in order to feel like I completed the work out. Uh, maybe the entire time? Yes, that is obvious once I do it, but when I start my brain starts looking for my body's way out!

Does this ever happen to anyone else? I fell like it is usually right around 7 months into training that it starts and I need to find a way out of my funk before it takes over! Maybe my race in two weeks will do it? Who knows!

In terms of work outs, this week I have done a 1:40 ZR/Z1 ride, which I think ended up mostly in Z1 because my heart rate was off most likely due to dehydration from this weekend's activities (hey you gotta have a little fun with this stuff!). Then I got in the pool before class for 2 x 800s on TT+10 pace, and those, while doable, did end up hurting a bit. Then I did a quick 45 min class and came home and crashed. Today I believe calls for another Z1 bike ride and a Z1 55min run which I think I have Nick convinced to do with me, so that should keep me going.

One thing I am looking forward to is this weekend. This weekend we have a fun-filled girl's weekend planned. I will be hanging with 3 fantastic people with whom I always end up having a great time. Now I just need to work my way to the weekend and get these workouts done! I CAN DOOOOO IIIIIT!

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  1. WE will do it!! i cant wait to see you!!!! (and finally i can comment on your blog again - did you change the comment functionality on it?)