Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eating and Training

Happy belated 4th to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their day off. I spent the morning prepping bbq food, riding and teaching a sculpt class. Then headed home to sit myself by the pool and hang out with some friends. Every year we invite over the same group of people for some pool time during the day, then we head over to our friends roof to watch the fireworks at night. I have to say the 4th being in the middle of the week was a bit of a pain but at the same time it helped to break up the week.

The week of training has been going well. Last weekend I had a very successful long run and then spent the afternoon kayaking in the bay with my dad down at my beach house. I woke up on Monday to teach surprisingly sore. I forgot about all those muscles you use when you paddle. OUCH! While at the beach I made sure to get as much seafood in my body as possible, most importantly shrimp and lobster. Talk about heavenly.

Outside of my extra 4th of July sculpt class, I also covered another sculpt class at 6am on Tuesday. Needless to say by Tuesday night, between, teaching, getting my workouts in and painting my kitchen, I was beat. The rest of week will include some speed work in the pool (need to force myself to get in the pool already!), some running speed work to include mile repeats and the usual long ride and long run on the weekend. Oh and subbing more spin classes on Saturday. I am actually looking forward to this weekend, because we are planning on doing absolutely nothing and those are the best kind of weekends!

Enjoy the rest of your short week! I must go and get ready to run some mile repeats. Wish me luck!

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