Saturday, July 7, 2012


I am up early on this Saturday and I am getting ready to get moving. With our kitchen renovations at the halfway point we are trying to get some relaxing in this summer and this is one of the first weekends in a while that we are going to attempt it. It is crazy how the lifestyle in our house has changed quite a bit this summer. Usually we spend our weekends, drink in hand by the pool. But with kitchen renovations happening every weekend along with trips to the beach, life has slowed down a bit. Outside of my birthday weekend, we have been taking it a bit easier. Ahh the joys of growing up!

So this weekend we are going to kick back a bit, but not without some training involved. Today I am teaching 2 hours of back-to-back spin classes followed by a 40 min T run. This should be interesting considering it is already 80 degrees, with an hour to go until class. Nothing like sitting in a room with 13 other sweaty smelly people! Another time in life where I am ok with my limited smelling abilities.

Then it is back to the house for a pool party. We are all stocked with pasta salad and burgers and plan on spending some quality 106 degree time in the pool. I seriously think that is where I will end up being most of the day, submerged in water with a cocktail.

But not too many cocktails, because Sunday looks like this:

1:30 ZR ride
1:15 Z1/Z2 run
TRX - lower half

And then I will be making a final trip to Home Depot to buy the pulls for our new cabinets and look at back splashes and then off to Sam's Club to stock up on bulk meat to bbq, since that is still our only method of cooking. And I must admit after 1 month of being creative with chicken, after this summer, I may never eat chicken again!

So there you have it, one day of being crazy and another of acting my age again. Now let's see if we can pull of being crazy without melting in this heat! Off to get my spin on. Have a great weekend!

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