Friday, July 20, 2012

Race Weekend

Race weekend is again upon us. I am racing the NJ State Olympic Triathlon this weekend for the second time. Last year all I remember is that while it wasn't blistering hot, it was humid and soupy until the end of the race where the sun came out blazing! But the good news is according to the weather channel this weekend should not be humid nor will it be that hot. It looks like low of 71 high of 83, which is doable. I will be interested to see the water temp, since this one is usually not wetsuit legal. I am really hoping for the help of my wetsuit this time around!

This is only my second race this season, which has gotten me thinking a lot about next month. I feel like I should be racing more. Maybe if I race more, I will be a little more enthusiastic about tri season. I have been training diligently, ok diligently outside of the swim portion which is my current mental block, but I have been getting everything in yet still feeling blah about it. I am beginning to think the lack of racing in my schedule may be having an effect on my brain while training. Maybe I need more competition in my schedule to keep the fire lit? So I am thinking maybe I will take on another sprint or two next month and see what that does for me.

The plan for this weekend is to do what I can do on the swim, maintain a HR of 175 on the bike and then run the best I can. Like Red Bank, I want to cross the finish line and feel like I did the best I can if not a little more. So hopefully it all pans out!

Then my goal is to get back to some serious training and keeping up with this blog. While on the never ending quest for perfection, I need to check in with reality every once in a while!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, I will be back with a race report next week.

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