Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Close!

And by so close, I mean about 2 more weeks, but I did get a good report from the neurologist. I have one more MRI scheduled and then we will know exactly what is going on. She is encouraged by the fact that I can smell and taste something, even though my senses are jumbled and nothing tastes or smells like it is supposed to or sometimes not like anything at all, it seems to mean something that I can smell a little. Basically it means that something has started to work in my brain, it is just a little confused right now. Will it ever fix itself? Who knows?

More good news is that I will get to go back to my office soon. But first I have to test out the commute to make sure it isn't too overwhelming for me. I figure in a few weeks I will be right back on track. So we shall see.

So all in all, a great start to my day! Now I need to develop my training attack plan. One day at a time here people, so more on that tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!

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