Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swimming.... Back to Day 1

Yup and that about sums it up! Ok so it wasn't that bad, but it was a bit painful. I am interested in seeing how I feel tomorrow morning, when I try it again! So this morning I headed to the gym and decided I would spend 30 minutes in the pool. I think that is the shortest swim I have done all year but I figured, why push it on my first day back. About 200 meters in my arms got heavy, and by heavy I mean they each felt like they weighed about 4000 lbs! And that is when I patted myself on the back, but not with my 4000 lb arm, since I could no longer pick it up, and said, "30 minutes is a fantastic goal". Since I am not training with a coach currently I made up my own set:

200 free
100 kick
200 pull
100 kick

I repeated that 3 times and then took the stairs as my exit out of the pool in fear that my arms might not work well enough to use the ladder.

I then headed home for a full day of conference calls. At around lunchtime, I headed to the gym to get a run in. I am trying to do two workouts a day to get myself back into training mode. After swimming today, I was kind of pumped, since I really was reminded how much I love to swim and what it does for my sanity. So I decided that on my run I would pick up the pace and extend the run portion by about 5 minutes to see how I would do.

And I felt great! What a wonderful change! So I am looking to trying it all out again tomorrow. Til then....

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