Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Think Mother Nature Has It Out For Me

I woke up today to clear skies, which by midday had turned nice and sunny. I decided to let myself sleep in this morning and that I would do an afternoon ride followed by an outdoor run. Well I rode in my house and while I rode, I stared out the window thinking about how gorgeous it looked outside. My ride was a 1:30 Z1 Ride and I used the time to read my Lava magazine that had been living on my coffee table for months.

About halfway through I came to the conclusion that my turkey sandwich, although low-salt turkey was just too salty for me to eat before I tried to tackle a 2.5 hour workout. I was so thirsty I was drinking about a half of a water bottle of Gatorade at a time and my HR was way too high. So switched to a lower gear and kept on pedaling, reading and drinking.

After my ride was done, I got changed and got ready for my run. I decided since I was so thirsty and I had a 1 hour Z1 run ahead of me that I would wear a fuel belt. Bad idea!! I haven't worn one in so long, that within 1 minute of my run, with the bottles bouncing around and the belt pushing into my stomach, I turned around and abandoned my hydration.

This is where mother nature attacked. It was so windy it was crazy. I was running across a street and the wind was so bad that I managed to trip myself. Have you ever done that? When you lift the foot off the ground and the wind blows and you basically kick your other foot out from under yourself! Yeah that was a site to see. And that was in the first 3 minutes of the run. I did an out and back and it seemed like on both the way out and the way back the wind was at my face. How is that possible? Shouldn't I get it pushing me at least in one direction!? Mother nature had no remorse today!

I finished my out and back covered in salt and incredibly thirsty. I then took my bike into the bike shop for a quick once over before my race. I actually rode it there. And that was my first time riding outside this season. Yup Saturday should be interesting for this girl!

I also received my racing kit in the mail today. I tried it on and it fit, but I gotta say it added to the nerves. I made it very real. I think I am ready though. My confidence is up and I feel physically good. So let's hope that can get me through it!

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